Tomoko Matsuoka

Tomoko Matsuoka

スピーカー | Speaker

ソーシャルネットワークアーティスト。「意志の具象化」をテーマに、様々なコラボレーションを通じて制作活動を続ける。日本女子大学理学部卒業、東京大学大学院修了。2021年パリ・ルーブル美術館のアートフェア「Salon Art Shopping Paris」にて展示。2022年、フジテレビ系テレビ番組「セブンルール」に出演。


2ヶ月の期間限定でプロジェクトを実施した結果、100名からの有償オーダーを受注。これがきっかけで画家として認知され始め、 初個展では120名の来場者を迎える。この活動によりフジテレビ「めざまし8」で特集される。


Social network artist. She continues to work through various collaborations on the theme of “embodiment of will”. Graduated from Japan Women’s University, Faculty of Science, and the University of Tokyo, and exhibited at the Salon Art Shopping Paris art fair at the Louvre Museum in Paris in 2021.In 2022, she appeared in the Fuji TV program “Seven Rules”.

Having a dual nature of hyperfocus and impulsiveness since childhood, she has continued to express herself in a style that is not bound by traditional styles, regardless of what is visible or invisible. Since he is not good at talking to people, observation is her wisdom to survive. Realizing once again that her own starting point is “expression based on observation,” she began her artistic activities in 2020. She focuses on abstract paintings that make use of the contingencies that emerge while painting, and miniature paintings that express cells and the universe by intuitively running her brush through them.

While creating independently, she has a strong awareness of the problem that in 2020, as the world shifts to online, it is becoming increasingly difficult for individuals to express themselves.
Utilizing the ability to see a person’s personal “background” in color and shape through conversation, she decided to talk with individuals online, express her inspiration in abstract paintings, and offer them as Zoom backgrounds.
After two months of running the project, she received paid orders from 100 people. As a result of this project, she started to be recognized as a painter, and her first solo exhibition received 120 visitors. This activity was featured on Fuji Television’s “Mezamashi 8”.

While expressing himself, nature, and buildings as art, she also works to “materialize the will” of her subjects through various collaborations with individuals, companies, fashion, and traditional arts.

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