Olga Brown

スピーカー | Speaker

I was graduated from the Lviv Academy of Fine Art in 1982 where I studied textile design and art. From 1997 I work and live in London. I am a member of Chelsea Art Society. I paint mainly in oils and participate in exhibitions and art events. I exhibited in many galleries including Mall Galleries,  Cork Street Gallery,  Royal academy of art,  SW3 Gallery,  Canvas gallery. I received The Great Art award at the Women Art Society in Mall Galleries,  the Agnes Reeve award for the best view of London at the Chelsea Art Society  and the Award for the best figurative painting at the Hesketh Hubbart Art Society in Mall Galleries. My figurative painting is about life around us, escapism, our dreams and feelings. My textiles background influences my work.  I love to paint different shapes, folds and creeses that fabrics can form, and also include various patterns and repeats in my compositions.  Among my works there are two on Japanese theme.  First is a portrait of Saburo that was painted after I watched Akira Kurosava's film 'Ran'. And another was a part of the diptych 'Antique vase, The Transformer meets the Japanese beauty', which is about differences of Western and Eastern cultures and occasional communicational problems that occur in our lives. Some of my paintings dedicated to Ukraine.  They include Portraits of Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko, and folk artist Maria Primachenko  views of my native city Lviv and some other works. I also love to paint London,  vibrant and dynamic city. www.olgabrown-art.com Delete Move to Forward
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