Mai Nomura

スピーカー | Speaker
Future Food Institute / Japan Lead Catalyst

After working for Asset Management business at State Street Corporation (U.S. HQ and Japan office), Mai dedicated at Sony Corporation and Ericsson where she was involved in Communication, CSR, External Relations, International Corporation project in line with the MDGs.

After participating Social Entrepreneurship Development Program at the Institute for Strategic Leadership (ISL), She established and managed hidden salon called Knotwork Café which held 450 like-minded members  gathered for discussing social challenges tackled by business. After obtaining MBA from CEU (Central European University) Business School, which was founded by George Soros to promote democracy, Mai had devoted in the area of nurturing entrepreneurship program, international strategic partnerships and impact investments at the same institution. She was also a lecturer at Nihon University’s Graduate School of Socio-Informatics Research, Fellow as the Asia Leadership Fellowship 20th supported by Japan Foundation and I-House Japan, and a researcher at Keio University’s Graduate School of SDM.

Since the establishment of Knotwork Inc. in 2016, Mai had provided education, public relations, planning, research, interpretation and translation, social problem-solving consulting, and import/export sales to business fields where information acquired through the five senses works on Emotional Intelligence.

Mai also has engaged in the business development and consulting business at Deloitte (Hungary and Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory in Japan), the advisory for the launch of agri-tech and food-tech related funds for Japanese companies in collaboration with AgFunder and SDG Impact Japan. She served as a Japan Chapter Catalyst for the Social Gastronomy Movement, advisory to the Daimaru-Yu SDGs Act 5 (promoting SDGs featured sustainable food) to Mitsubishi Estate and Norinchuo Bank, and Cookpad’s World Cooking Index as well as Moment (online cooking personal coach) business globally. Also, she supports Also, she supports the Impact-Weighted Accounts (IWA) projects based on driving the global integration of impacts in financial analysis to promote effective resource allocation and achieve long-term financial stability on behalf of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to tackle global health issues. Besides all, she dedicates as Senior Manager at Future Food Institute in Japan to strive building a dynamic community comprised of individuals, organizations, and private sectors committed to sustainably improving regenerative food systems in Tokyo and beyond.

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