Jason Ball

Jason Ball

スピーカー | Speaker
Owner | Business In Japan

An Australian who lived in Japan for over 18 years from 2003 to 2022, Jason runs the nearly 15 year old Networking Community ‘Business In Japan’. Business In Japan or ‘BIJ’ has over 75,000 members with about 1/3 based in Japan, the rest outside Japan and all of them interested in doing business – or just a professional life – in, with or related to Japan.

Centered around a LinkedIn group of the same name, BIJ have run in person networking events for over a decade and since COVID have run or helped host more than 80 online events, including two Clubhouse events every Monday for nearly 18 months called ‘Business In Japan’ and ‘Founded In Japan’.

Having worked in IT related Project Management and consulting in companies like Morgan Stanley, NikkoCiti, Deutsche Bank Group, Citibank and Fast Retailing, and growing a large and active network in Japan, Jason grew a reputation of ‘Connecting GoodPeople’ around common subjects of interest and helping GoodPeople he knew and met to connect, build rapport and form strong relationships.

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