Dao Cai

Dao Cai

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Strategy & Commercial Operations – Entrepreneur

A third culture individual, Dao has been privileged to immerse in multiple cultures and make the best of these experiences- as the saying goes- when life gives you lemons, make the best lemonade out of it.

I was made in China, assembled in Peru, got manual instructions from the UK and USA, and now I am still a work in progress.
Story Teaser:
Back to the lemonade quote- this is somewhat incomplete, there is no why nor how to get there, or what to do in a season where the lemons turn out really sour?

As a second generation of immigrants, I was somewhat obsessed with carrying this responsibility and fulfilling my duty of a good daughter (in my own asian standards) to have a good education, career, and financial stability that my parents worked so hard for me.

What happens when you take a leap of faith and your entire belief system of “success” is shaken. Wait a minute, what is “success”?

I hope that with my story, we can be more accepting of what each of us is trying to accomplish in our own journey, have the bravery to question the social standards of success and build our own benchmark of it, and most importantly, have compassion and patience with ourselves in our own journey.

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