Arka Roy

Arka Roy

スピーカー | Speaker
Senior Manager – Village House Management Co., Ltd.

32-year veteran of the digital media industry in Tokyo.

Involved at various technical and management levels in ground-breaking projects such as walking and talking bilingual Robots to hit entertainment products such as AquaZone, the virtual aquarium that kicked off Japan’s digital pet boom in the 1990s, to the (in)famous forbidden pet Seaman, to Sanrio puzzle games featuring Hello Kitty and her friends.

Has developed on platforms ranging from early Macintosh to game consoles like DreamCast, PlayStation 2 to a Gundam mobile suit amusement ride.

Lengthy recent experience includes digital agent applications using iNAGO’s acclaimed NetPeople technology, for car navigation, robots, life-like IVR systems, and personal assistants using 3D animated characters.

Currently working as a senior IT manager at Village House Management, one of Japan’s largest landlords providing affordable housing with some of the fairest conditions to be found in this country. We are also on the forefront of aggressively driving digital transformation in a largely conservative industry.

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