You & I in Sustainability Vol.2

Virtual session

February 16, 2023 | 17:00 - 18:00
Room: Niji *This is a hybrid session (In-person + Online)

Please note this session is a hybrid session meaning you can participate either in person or online. If you’d like to participate in person, please pre-register yourself here (Peatix). (For online participation, you can pre-register yourself in this page.)

Organizer:ETM & Schneider Electric

Venue:CIC Tokyo


The climate crisis of today calls for core efforts in climate change mitigation. We need innovative ideas from individuals, having large corporations and startups to turn ideas into solutions. Driving change is a joint-effort! How can we act on opportunities and take that first step towards starting up towards sustainability, even if you are a student? How can businesses create new value and enable innovation to drive sustainable development? This event is the second edition of ‘You & I in sustainability’, which focuses on innovations from corporates, startups, individuals and acting on opportunity in the energy sustainability. Please join us on February 16th 2023 for this important discussion!

February 16, 2023