※本セッションは、ハイブリッドセッション(現地参加+オンライン視聴)です。オンライン参加ご希望の方は本ページから事前登録(上記)、現地参加をご希望の方はこちらから事前登録をお願いします | This session will be held in hybrid-fashion where you will be able to join us in person from CIC Tokyo or watch the live stream online.

セッション名 / Session Title:

Welcome to 2022; Connecting Innovators! – Community Jyoshikai!

Women in Community – Starting off a New Year with Diversity

言語 / Language:


セッション主催者 / Session organiser: Venture Café Tokyo

セッション開催場所 / Session venue

CIC Tokyo(東京都港区虎ノ門1丁目17番1号 虎ノ門ヒルズビジネスタワー15階) / CIC Tokyo(Toranomon Hills Business Tower 15F, 1 Chome-17-1 Toranomon, Minato City, Tokyo)

セッション概要 / Session description

Continuing on from the community talk to end the year (final Thursday Gathering of 2021 on December 23rd, 2021), we are kicking off the year in style as we hold a "jyoshi-kai" (女子会) and bringing some of our women community leaders to take a dive into what holds in 2022 and dissect some of the challenges along with the promising outlook the future holds. The name of the session may hold 女子, but this is truly the point and the session is held for everyone to participate so come one and come all. Looking forward to a great chat here in 2022!

January 6, 2022