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概要 | Descriptions:

“What Does Tsukuba Need to Nurture Global Startups?”


This panel discussion will explore how Tsukuba City can develop as an international innovation hub based on the successful Luxinnovation model. We will introduce Luxembourg’s innovation policies and programs and discuss how these can be applied to the startup ecosystem in the Tsukuba area and in local communities in Japan.


登壇者 | Speaker:

  • David Foy(LUXINNOVATION Head of International Business Development – Digital Economy)
  • 藤本 あゆみ | Ayumi Fujimoto(Plug and Play Japan株式会社 執行役員CMO、一般社団法人スタートアップエコシステム協会 代表理事 | Executive officer CMO of Plug and Play Japan/President of Startup Ecosystem Association Japan)
  • 鈴木 絵里子 | Eriko Suzuki Schweisgut(Kind Capital ファウンダー兼代表取締役 | CEO and Founder of Kind Capital)
  • 平山 雄太 | Yuta Hirayama(つくば市顧問、IDEAPOST株式会社代表取締役社長 | Advisor to Tsukuba City、Founder/CEO of IDEAPOST)<モデレーター>

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December 7, 2023