The importance of Market Expansion for Japanese Startups

Virtual session | Presentation

July 20, 2023 | 18:00 - 19:00
Room: Niji *This is a hybrid session (In-person + Online)

Please note this session is a hybrid session meaning you can participate either in person or online. If you’d like to participate in person, please pre-register yourself here (Peatix). (For online participation, you can pre-register yourself in this page.)


Organizer | 主催者:Rainmaking Expand

Venue | 現地会場:CIC Tokyo(東京都港区虎ノ門1-17-1 虎ノ門ヒルズビジネスタワー 15F)

Description | 概要:

Join us for an insightful event aimed at helping Japanese startups unlock their full growth potential in South East Asia.

Learn how Rainmaking Expand’s X-HUB Tokyo programme supports startups in expanding their presence across the region. Discover the services offered by Deel, a trusted partner for startups, and gain valuable insights from a fireside chat with AccelStars, where we’ll delve into their remarkable growth journey and share their firsthand experience of expanding into new markets in South East Asia. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the immense opportunities awaiting Japanese startups in South East Asia and accelerate your market expansion strategy.

From this event, you can expect:

  • Information on how Rainmaking Expand’s X-HUB Tokyo programme supports startup’s growth journey to South East Asia, focusing on commercial outcomes and achievements which makes sense for your company
  • How Deel can support your expansion into new markets
  • How Japanese startup AccelStars joined the X-HUB Tokyo programme last year and leveraged the programme support and structure to scale their business and approach the Singaporean market.
  • How you can expand to South East Asia today!
July 20, 2023