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主催 | Organizer:Collabogate Japan

会場 | Venue:CIC Tokyo

言語 | Language:日英 | Japanese & English

概要 | Description:

Zero Trust Architecture: Is it a missing link to secure critical infrastructure? ゼロトラストは重要インフラ防衛のミッシングリンク?

Government, industries and academia have made efforts to raise awareness to secure the critical infrastructure in accordance with rapid increase of ransomeware and other kind of cyberattacks for years.

The challenges for the industries in Japan to do so consist of lack of sense of urgency and technical difficulty despite the importance of the cybersecurity.

Now, everyone witnessed how devastating outcome of the cyberattack is in the Ukrainian Crisis. Good or bad, they became curious about how to protect the critical infrastructure from the cyberattack as a result.

At this event, we plan to revisit the challenges and actions to secure the critical infrastructure for business people in Japan and discuss the same in connection with the perspectives of zero trust and service development.


April 7, 2022