Savannah College of Art and Design: Career Design Session [HYBRID]

Virtual session | Presentation

October 27, 2022 | 17:00 - 18:00
Room: Niji (CIC Tokyo)

Please note this session is a hybrid session meaning you can participate either in person or online. If you’d like to participate in person, please pre-register yourself here (Peatix). (For online participation, you can pre-register yourself in this page.)

Organizer:Savannah College of Art and Design

Venue:CIC Tokyo


Presentation on Career Design by the Director of Savannah College of Art and Design The visiting Director of the Savannah College of Art & Design will introduce the university and the design programs that lead to excellent career options.

These include Animation, Film & TV, Products, Digital, Fashion and Jewelry, among others.

Graduates are employed by Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook (Meta), Toyota and other leading companies. She will present for 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A and then networking. Japanese language interpretation will be provided.



大学を紹介した後、キャリア デザインの代表的なコースを紹介します。

アクセサリ アニメ ディジタル 商品 美と香水のビジネス ファション 映画とテレビ ジュエリー 卒業生はGOOGLE、APPLE, META、AMAZON、TOYOTAなどで就職出来ています。

October 27, 2022