Meet the FI Japan Startup Ecosystem

Hybrid session

April 11, 2024 | 18:00 - 19:00
Room: VCT SPACE *This is a hybrid session (In-person + Online)


Please note this session is a hybrid session meaning you can participate either in person or online. If you’d like to participate, please click the “Pre-register” button at the top of this page to select your participation method and pre-register.

主催 | Organizer: Founder Institute

現地会場 | VenueCIC Tokyo(東京都港区虎ノ門1-17-1 虎ノ門ヒルズビジネスタワー 15F)

概要 | Description

Join us for an immersive in-person “Meet the FI Japan Startup Ecosystem” event where you’ll gain access to invaluable insights from industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs showcasing Japan/Tokyo’s thriving startup ecosystem. Japan/Tokyo’s startup scene is growing fast, and there are lots of ways for entrepreneurs to get help. But it can be confusing to know what’s out there and what’s best for you. That’s why we’re hosting this event, where people from different groups that help startups will explain everything. Mentors/Speakers will talk about the resources available in Japan, Tokyo and share tips on how to start a successful business here.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Local Organizations to help launch and grow your startup
  • Little-known resources that benefit your industry
  • How to find Mentors
  • Additional funding sources for early-stage founders


  • Tyson Batino, Founder 創業者 at Scaling Your Company
  • Evan Burkosky, Head of Enterprise Digital Marketing at TechnoPro, Inc.
  • Noriya Tarutani, Director of Innovation Division at JETRO/ J-Startup Affairs
  • Schyler Alexandra Cole, Associate at Incubate Fund
  • Yuichi Terada, Founder & President at Hiyoura Lab
  • Raphael Hodé, CEO, Design Director at nowthen
  • Dr. Joe Hüg, Professor at iU 情報経営イノベーション専門職大学 Professional University of Information and Management for Innovation
  • Pina Hirano, CEO at Asteria Corporation
  • Steve Monaghan, General Partner at
  • Yuji Tanabe, Ph.D., Founder & CTO at Aeterlink
  • Krishan Caldwell , General Manager at Tellus
  • Karin Wellbrock, Mrs. / Partner at Kay Group K.K
  • Many More will come

About the Ecosystem Organizations
About Founder Institute
The Founder Institute is the world’s largest pre-seed focu startup accelerator to turn ideas into fundable startups, and startups into global businesses. Since 2009, our structured accelerator programs have helped over 7,000 entrepreneurs raise over $1.75BN in funding. Based in Silicon Valley and with chapters across 100 countries, our mission is to empower communities of talented and motivated people to build impactful technology companies worldwide.
–, inc, is a “Global Partnerships Development Platform” originated in Silicon Valley that provides an online platform and bootcamps for learning, building, launching, and growing with partner programs. We help larger enterprises, but also startups and even SMBs to take advantage of partnerships and collaborations for validation, getting traction, increasing revenues, funding, and many more. We provide a bootcamp for partner training, an online partner program builder tool, a launch pad for promotion, and an incentivization program that funds your partnership development activities to enable ROI from collaborations.

Venture Cafe Tokyo
A community where various innovators, including entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and students, gather, connect, and create innovation in society through a variety of programs.

CIC is a world-class innovation campus that offers a strong community, flexible office space, and global network to accelerate startup growth.

A government-related organization promoting mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. Jetro is also support for Accelerating open innovation between Japanese corporates and foreign start-ups.

Shibuya Startup Support
We are “SHIBUYA STARTUP SUPPORT,” an initiative led by the Shibuya City Office to invite your startup business (whether in Japan or from abroad) to Shibuya and grow together in this city.

Scaling Japan:
Gain valuable insights and strategies from experts on growing and scaling businesses successfully in the Japanese market through the Scaling Japan Podcast, the best English business podcast in Japan.

If you’re serious about doing business in, with or related to Japan, you need the right partners and resources. Reach out and get connected with the trusted Business In Japan Partner Network today.

Combining years of experience in the field of corporate deals and capital markets with an in-depth understanding of new technologies we are uniquely positioned to develop innovative solutions for our clients.

Hundreds of businesses use Stripe to make payments online, automate financial processes, and increase sales.

IU Univesity
Japan’s Entrepreneurship University. We will develop human resources who will innovate in the world.

We work to expand the University of Tokyo’s innovation ecosystem with three business pillars– investment, incubation support, and DEEPTECH DIVE. –

More partners and mentors


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April 11, 2024