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主催 | Organizer:Ricardo Rodriguez

現地会場 | VenueCIC Tokyo(東京都港区虎ノ門1-17-1 虎ノ門ヒルズビジネスタワー 15F)

セッション部屋 | Session Room: Renga (16F)

言語 | Language:English | 英語

概要 | Description

Panel Moderator Sheet

To explore the collaborative dynamics between startups, universities, and corporations in Latin America, emphasizing innovation in the AirTech sector.


  1. Carlos: Marketing expert discussing the impact of strategic marketing on open innovation within large corporations and its effects on brand awareness and community engagement.
  2. Arturo: Founder of a successful startup, sharing insights on challenges and strategies in the startup ecosystem.
  3. Representative from Tecnológico de Monterrey (incMTY): Discussing the supportive role of educational institutions in technological and entrepreneurial advancements.

Moderator: Ricardo, providing a corporate viewpoint on collaborations with startups and the importance of fostering an innovative environment.


  1. Opening Video (3 minutes): Highlight reel from the 2023 AirTech Challenge results.
  2. Introduction by Ricardo: Overview of the topic, introduction of the panelists, and the significance of new technological partnerships.
  3. Opening Statements: Each panelist provides a 5-minute overview of their perspective on the AirTech industry and ecosystem building.
  4. Discussion Round: Ricardo leads a discussion on topics such as the role of marketing in open innovation, the impact of technology on the HVAC industry, and strategies for international collaborations.
  5. Q&A from the Audience: Engaging with the audience for questions and deeper insights. Closing Remarks: Panelists provide final thoughts and key takeaways.
  6. Announcement of Open Innovaltion Lab Latam (at the end of the session): Daikin announces its partnership with Tecnológico de Monterrey for the Open Innovation Lab, highlighting Daikin’s commitment to addressing air quality issues and promoting sustainability in Latin America.

Panel Description for Promotion

Join us at Venture Café Tokyo for a dynamic discussion on harnessing the power of Latin America’s AirTech sector. This panel will feature key players from the startup ecosystem, including successful entrepreneurs, industry leaders and academy members. Don’t miss the exciting opening video showcasing the 2023 AirTech Challenge, a crucial platform for discovering innovative solutions and new talent in the HVAC industry. The event will also feature a special announcement of Daikin’s strategic partnership with Tecnológico de Monterrey to establish the Open Innovation Lab, a new milestone in HVAC innovation and sustainability in Latin America. This partnership underscores the vital role of academia in identifying and fostering the next generation of HVAC industry game-changers. Join us to see how these innovations and collaborations are setting the stage for a sustainable future in urban environments.

May 30, 2024