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主催 | Organizer:Venture Café Tokyo

現地会場 | VenueCIC Tokyo(東京都港区虎ノ門1-17-1 虎ノ門ヒルズビジネスタワー 15F)

言語 | Language:日本語・英語 | Japanese & English

概要 | Description



Recently, there has been a growing public interest in dual use, which is “cargo, software, and technology that can be used for both civilian and military purposes,” not only in the realm of large corporations but also in the realm of startups. On the other hand, what exactly is dual use and how should the private sector deal with it?

In this session, as part of the series, we will constructively understand and discuss dual use and opportunities related to dual use, touching on trends in the “space industry” that are closely related to security.

▼Armatusについて | About Armatus

Armatusのミッションは、商業的デュアルユース技術の迅速な獲得を通じて、重要な能力ギャップを満たすイノベーション・パイプラインを構築することです。イノベーションセンターであるPacific Alliance for Collaboration and Technology Center(PACT)を通じて、政府、産業界、軍部と提携し、ミッション要件を満たす商用デュアルユース技術の特定、展開、規模の拡大を加速させる支援を行っています。

Armatus’s mission is to build the innovation pipeline to meet critical capabilities gaps through the rapid acquisition of commercial dual use technologies.Through its innovation center, the Pacific Alliance for Collaboration and Technology Center (PACT), Armatus partners with government, industry, and the military to help accelerate the identification, deployment, and scale of commercial dual-use technologies that meet mission requirements.


言語 | Language:日本語・英語 | JPN & ENG

登壇者 | Speakers:

●Frank Clark, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Armatus

Frank Clark is a native of Hollywood, Florida. He holds a Bachelor Degree from the United States Military Academy and a Master’s Degree from Stanford University. He started his current position with Armatus in February 2024. Prior to this, Frank was with Janes Group for over six years where he first ran Japan, then led a Team of 11 Country and Customer Success Managers responsible for operations in the Asia-Pacific. He was also the Senior Political-Military Advisor for Valiant Integrated Services, Inc. Frank joined Janes after serving over 26 years in the U.S. Army, retiring at the rank of Colonel in November 2016. 14 of his 26 years of service were spent in Japan, where he served two tours as an Army Attaché in the Embassy, was Chief of Operations at US Army Japan, and was the first Liaison Officer to the JGSDF Northeastern Army Headquarters in Sendai. He also graduated from the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) Command and Staff College, as well as Japan’s National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS). As a result, he maintains an extensive network of national security, defense, and security professionals and business partners throughout Japan and the Asia-Pacific. After over 18 years living in Japan, Frank maintains fluency in Japanese.

●佐藤 将史, 一般社団法人SPACETIDE 理事 兼 COO

= 日本初の民間発宇宙ビジネスカンファレンス”SPACETIDE”の企画・運営を行う他、宇宙ビジネス振興のため各種活動を展開。2003年より野村総合研究所にて政策立案から企業戦略まで幅広くコンサルティングに従事。2019年ispaceに参画、日本初の宇宙IPOを経験。2023年よりBeyond Next Ventures参画(兼務)。東京大学理学部卒・同大学院理学系研究科修了、UCLA大学院MPP。内閣府「みちびきエバンジェリスト」。気象庁「静止気象衛星に関する懇談会」委員。

●森 裕和, 株式会社ワープスペース 最高戦略責任者 / WARPSPACE USA CEO

= 宇宙ビジネスコンサルタントとして国内外の政府や大企業に対する宇宙分野のコンサルティング(調査含む)に従事し、国内外の企業や社団法人で役員や理事、アドバイザー等を複数併任。英エジンバラ大学理論宇宙物理学部飛び級入学・首席卒業。エジンバラ王立協会から支援金を受け、ケンブリッジ大学にて理論宇宙物理学の研究(直接観測した重力波シグナルで検証可能な一般相対性理論の修正論)経験あり。プロダイバーとして地中海で活躍し若手プロダイバーとして欧州・地中海エリアで賞も受賞し有名ダイビング雑誌に掲載される。バックパッカーの経験もあり、現在までに世界2周、約100カ国訪問。Satellite Show, World Satellite Business Week, SmallSat Conference, GEOINT, SPACETIDE等のグローバル主要宇宙ビジネスカンファレンスで多数登壇。趣味は沈船・海中洞窟ダイビング、飛行機操縦、ピアノ演奏、美術(シューレアリズムとルネサンス)、宇宙物理、旅等。死ぬまでに月面到達を目指す。

●[Moderator] Kazutaka Yomogita, VFR株式会社 代表取締役CEO/Assistant Professor of Hiroshima National College of Maritime Technology/株式会社プロドローン 社外取締役/DRONE FUND ボードメンバー/株式会社エイトノット 社外取締役

Kazutaka in kanji means peace. The Yomogita family originated in Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture. Now I am the president of a drone company and I would like to contribute to peace and safety with drones and unmanned solutions. I have pursued my business career and my professional American football coaching career in parallel. My main career has been in banking and private equity, and I have also managed two startups and invested in over 30 startups in 10 countries as a venture capitalist.

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April 25, 2024