Co-creation with Basque Culinary Center

Virtual session

July 27, 2023 | 16:30 - 18:00
Room: Niji *This is a hybrid session (In-person + Online)

※Please note this session is a hybrid session meaning you can participate either in person or online. If you’d like to participate in person, please pre-register yourself here (Peatix). (For online participation, you can pre-register yourself in this page.)


Organizer | 主催者:Tokyo Food Institute/東京建物

Venue | 会場:CIC Tokyo

Description | 概要:


San Sebastian, Spain, is well known as the world’s most densely populated Michelin-starred city and a city of gastronomic delights. Basque Culinary Center is one of the world’s leading culinary universities striving Food innovation in San Sebastian.

Basque Culinary Center was established in 2011 as Europe’s first four-year culinary university, and has since been educating human resources through innovation in a wide range of fields, including product development, entrepreneurship, and sustainable restaurant management, with a holistic view of gastronomy as well as culinary techniques. The program offers a new master’s degree program and a doctor program, and provides extensive support for experienced chefs and those from scientific fields who wish to take on the challenge of gastronomy.

As well as education, the Digital Gastronomy Lab, LABe, a laboratory for promoting technology and open innovation, opened in 2019. LABe supports the creation of collaborations with companies and students, and even commercialization.

The next strategy is to connect with the world through food tech pitch events, starting with Culinary Action on the Road by BCC in 2021, which was held in Tokyo for the first time in February 2023, and the best candidates selected in five cities around the world, including New York, will advance to the world competition in San Sebastian, where they will receive a mentoring session in a variety of genres, from product development to marketing and more, as an extra prize from the BCC.

In this session, Andar Lopez, Director of Entrepreneurship and Food Tech at Basque Culinary Center, and Nabila Rodriguez, PhD student who has been conducting research on rich taste from the perspective of a scientist, will discuss Basque Culinary Center’s activities and the future of co-creation in Japan.

We will also welcome Mr. Nakamura of Greenace, who won an award at the Future Food Connect event hosted by the Tokyo Food Institute last October and went on to win an award of excellence at the Culinary Action on the Road by BCC in February of the following year, advancing to the world competition. Mr. Nakamura will talk about the possibility of co-creating with Basque Culinary Center as a start-up in Japan.

ミシュランの星は人口密度で世界一、美食の街として知られるスペイン・サンセバスチャン。ここで食のイノベーションを進める世界屈指の食の大学がBasque Culinary Centerである。



次なる展開として、世界とのつながりをフードテックピッチイベントから開始。2021年にCulinary Action on the Road by BCCがスタート。2023年2月には初めて東京で開催された。NYなど世界5都市で選出された優秀者はサンセバスチャンでの世界大会に進出し、製品開発からマーケティングなど様々なジャンルのメンタリングセッションをBCCからの副賞として授与される。

本セッションでは、Basque Culinary Centerから起業家育成ならびにフードテック担当のアンダー・ロペス氏と、同博士課程にて科学者視点からコク味研究を続けるナビラ・ロドリゲス氏を迎えて、Basque Culinary Centerの活動とこれからの日本での共創の展望について考察します。

そして、昨年10月にTokyo Food Institute主催によるFuture Food Connectイベントにて表彰され、翌年2月のCulinary Action on the Road by BCCでの優秀賞を経て、世界大会に進出したグリーンエースの中村さんをお迎えして、日本のスタートアップとしてのBasque Culinary Centerとの共創可能性についてお話頂きます。

July 27, 2023