*** This session is a HYBRID session, meaning you can participate online & in-person. Please register yourself on this website for online participation. If you wish to participate in person, please pre-register yourself from here (Peatix)

Organizer:TaskUs Japan

Venue:CIC Tokyo


Japan is a very dynamic country with the 3rd largest economy worldwide. It has also been historically complex for foreign companies to enter the market and succeed.

This panel discussion is a gathering of companies from very different backgrounds and who operate in very different fields – Healthcare security, IOT based inventory management, House design, and AI annotation services. We will discuss the challenges that can be experienced in Japan and how each company has found a way to grow and succeed in their market. In spite of the differences, what are the commonalities and the best practices that each has developed to get exposure and success with customers in the country?

September 1, 2022