気候サミットなどでも注目されている気候変動対策について、内閣官房気候変動対策推進室・総括参事官/Green Finance Network Japan事務局長の高田英樹氏が前半に緊急講話。 (参考Japan Times記事: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/2021/04/01/press-release/3rd-esg-talk/ )世界と日本の産官学民にとっての「脱炭素」戦略について、最新の状況、政府・自治体や産業界の方針、Art & Scienceの発信などポイントをお話いただきます。後半は、政府・産業・科学・アートのこれまで公共を担ってきたパネリストと共に、わたしたちが今できること。参加者のみなさんが公務員・会社員・科学者・アーティストだったら貢献したいことなど、チャットやアンケートでいただき、地球・世界・人類みんなのための公共が、まずは次の一万年つづく「脱炭素」公共創造家宣言を共創・採択。次の一万年クラブがアーカイブして、次回イベントなどでアップデート。年一回の一万年賞や国際フォーラムに結実させます。 / In the first half of the session, Mr. Hideki Takada, Chief Counselor, Climate Change Policy Office, Cabinet Secretariat and Executive Director, Green Finance Network Japan, gave an urgent lecture on climate change measures, which have been the focus of attention at climate summits. (Reference Japan Times article: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/2021/04/01/press-release/3rd-esg-talk/ )He will talk about the latest situation of "decarbonization" strategies for industry, government, academia and the private sector in the world and Japan, the policies of the government, local governments and industry, and the transmission of Art & Science. In the second half of the session, we will discuss what we can do now with panelists who have been involved in public affairs in government, industry, science, and art. If you were a public servant, a company employee, a scientist, or an artist, please let us know what you would like to contribute by chatting or filling out a questionnaire during or after this session. The first step is to co-create and adopt a public creator's declaration on our "Decarbonization" that will last for the next 10,000 years of public service for the earth, the world, and all humankind. The Next Ten Millennia Club (NTSC) will archive it and update it at the next event. The NTMC will archive it and update it at the next event, etc. It will be brought to fruition in the annual Next Ten Millennia Award and International Forum.
May 13, 2021