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言語 / Language: 英語 / English

セッション主催者 / Session organiserJapamburg

セッション開催場所 / Session venue:オンライン | ONLINE

セッション概要 / Session description

Germany and Japan have a great many things in common – among them near-identical Country Overshoot Days. If the world's population would live like people in Germany or Japan, Earth Overshoot Day would land on May 5 (German Time) or May 6 (Japan Time). It is clear that both countries need to be very ambitious in setting goals for a sustainable future in accordance with the Paris Agreement, e.g. regarding carbon-neutrality.

But while governments in both countries are still pondering which measures to take and large corporations face difficulties in adapting their business models to new requirements, it is entrepreneurs and startups who are often at the fore of developing ideas for livable future.

In this panel discussion with startups from Hamburg, Germany and Japan we want to take a look et the sustainability issues in both countries and showcase individual solutions to some of these. What are the pressing problems for our societies? Which SDG's do they correlate with? What kind of solutions can startups offer that corporations and governments have yet to address? And would these solutions be relevant and applicable across borders?

Join us for an hour of bilateral discussion between German and Japanese startups!



October 21, 2021