Demo Table

Thursday Gatheringの時間内にてご自身のサービスやプロダクトを宣伝・紹介することができます。現役起業家・これから起業を考えている方・企業内の新規事業担当者・学生等どなたでも展示可能です。是非Demo Tableをご活用ください!

Venture Café Tokyoはあなたのあらゆる挑戦を応援します。



During Thursday Gathering, you have the opportunity to promote and showcase your own services or products. Whether you are an active entrepreneur, someone considering entrepreneurship, a business development professional within a company, or a student, everyone is welcome to exhibit. We encourage you to make full use of the Demo Table!

Venture Café Tokyo supports all your endeavors.

申し込みにあたり以下をご確認ください。/Please review the following information before applying:

  • Demo Tableを希望の方は、イベント参加申し込みとは別に下記のフォームより事前予約をお願いいたします。
  • 申し込み時は展示内容をなるべく詳しくご記入ください。
  • 申し込み後、担当より折り返し連絡いたします。当日の都合等により、スロットが空いていても、申し込みが確定しない場合があります点、予めご容赦ください

  • If you wish to have a Demo Table, please make a separate advance reservation through the form below in addition to your event registration.
  • When applying, please provide as much detailed information as possible about your exhibition.
  • After submitting your application, our team will contact you in due course. Please note that even if slots are available, your application may not be confirmed due to scheduling constraints on the day. We appreciate your understanding in advance.