Thursday Gathering


Thursday Gathering is the main program of Venture Café Tokyo to be held every Thursday between 16:00 and 21:00. This weekly gathering is done by combining networking opportunities and events such as seminars. Participants can learn through the lecture by state-of-the-art innovators and workshops to accelerate innovation, etc., and it is possible to extend the network with leverage of joint experiences gained there.

Approximately 460 people in Cambridge City and Boston City averages about 520 people in St. Louis City every week. In addition, 30% of the visitors are visitors for the first time, 20% visitors frequently visit, the remaining 50% will be repeaters who visit frequently. This is a very good balance and shows that a high degree of satisfaction attracts repeaters and builds deeper ties among visitors while always succeeding in calling new visitors.

Another feature is that most programs are provided free of charge.


Theme Night

The theme night is a form of Thursday Gathering that takes place once a month, with a specific theme determined. Below are just a few of the theme nights that Venture Cafe has done.

  • Japan Innovation Night
  • IoT Connect
  • Social Impact Connect


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