Community Credo

Imagine, the best innovation community for everyone.Venture Café is a comfortable and secure community that anyone can challenge, fail, learn, grow, and connect. (*)

The Venture Café Credo described below is not binding on your actions. It's like a bit of a rule that makes the whole community feel good. * If you are not in such a place for any reason, please let the staff know.

1. Have fun! (Anyway, let's have fun!)

Venture Café is a free and flat community. There are not bosses, subordinates, seniors junior here. Do not forget your feelings that you are like you.

2. Make yourself at home (as if you were at home)

Let's act friendly to everyone. Also, let's use the place neatly.

3. Contribute in a positive way that creates a safe and respectful community (Let's realize a place where you can respect each other with confidence)

Don't be afraid of your opponent, and behave professionally. Depending on the situation, if she / he wants to be quiet, respect that will. Also, keep in mind that communities will thrive when accepting everyone, regardless of ethnicity, color, gender, religion, region, country of origin, age, sexual orientation, physical disability, etc.

4. Become an active participant in our experiment (Let's experiment without fear of failing here)

Let's challenge the idea that does not fit in the frame. Even while other community members are challenging, provide constructive feedback or share your ideas if you have ideas yourself. There is always no need to be perfect

5. Be curious (curious)

Learn from each other from guests and participants, seek new perspectives, and even consider irrationality.

6. You are part of this community, help build it (you are a community by yourself)

Please attract new members, share your strengths and actively participate to create a better community for you to be like you.

7. Connect responsibly and respectfully (network with an adult attitude)

We offer alcoholic beverages, but it is not bar or happy hour. We offer three cups, but we do not have the fourth cup.

8. We are not a venue for hard selling (It is not a business meeting place here)

In order to continue to create innovation, please be aware of building a long-lasting good relationship.

Digital Community Credo

9. Explore the digital world and engage virtually to expand your network

Make the most of connections and learning opportunities that spread throughout Japan and globally because of the digital world without boundaries

10. Care for everyone's security (Take care of everyone's security)

Be aware of the Internet etiquette, such as the distribution environment, the privacy of the people around you, and the participants, in order to build a good network online or better than in our daily lives