Cluster Program

The Cluster Program embodies “Connecting innovators to make things happens” and periodically calls on innovators who are at the forefront of specific areas in order to bring about a definite change movement in the world, and discussions toward the future It is a program to deepen. Of course everyone can participate!



Along with the evolution of SDGs (Sustainable Development Objectives) and IoT, international conferences on food and technology, especially in Europe and the United States, are held many times since 2015. Also in Japan, there is a growing awareness of "food and future" gradually, including the Smart Kitchen Summit. Based on such social changes, Future Food Camp regularly conducts sessions related to eating one to two months as a guide to deepen the understanding of the current situation task of food and future possibilities as a community, to take action It is an initiative to connect.


Life Science

Science is the cornerstone of social development. Despite Japan's basic research capabilities being high in the world, it conducts research in a sustainable manner, such as the lack of a researcher's career path and a method for industrializing university-based innovation, and implements the results in social implementation. We are not in a position to do that. In Japan, which faces the major challenge of declining birthrate and aging population faster than any other society in the world, the utilization of science is indispensable. In addition, integration with digital technology in the healthcare field is a great opportunity, and there are high expectations for Japan from the world.

Therefore, EMERGENCE aims to create a movement and community that will create the future of life science in Japan by regularly inviting life science key innovators and deepening discussions with everyone.


Life & Work Style

Now called the age of uncertainty. Due to technological evolution and demographic changes, the rules of every game are rapidly changing. Along with this, various systems built during the postwar period, such as the social security system and lifetime employment, seem to be facing institutional fatigue. How should we work and live in this coming age?

In the program series "Power to the People-", a program series that considers ways of working and living, I believe that the hint lies in the departure from working in the first place. Based on that idea, this series aims to deepen the discussion on "the future of" working like Japan "by inviting various stakeholders and having a place for repeated dialogue with you.


Urban Development

The Toranomon area has made a major move towards urban regeneration, with the launch of the “Toranomon Hills” in June 2014 as the catalyst. Right now, urban development is in progress with the aim of becoming an international new city center, a global business center where global players live, work and gather. In addition, urban development is under way throughout the city of Tokyo. In “CREATE! THE INNOVATORS 'HABITAT”, we will be involved in a city that will periodically innovate in a month or two as a guide to what will be required to become a city that will generate new business and innovation By conducting sessions, we aim to gain a better understanding of current issues and future possibilities, and a community that will lead to realization.



Sport is a unique platform that has great power in connecting people, organizations, and entities. At the same time, it promotes healthy competitiveness among participants. Tokyo (and Japan) is a growth hub, with some major events held in the country, and various athletes producing noise overseas, but there is still the possibility of unexploration. The purpose of "Activate" is to gather like-minded individuals and individuals interested in seizing these opportunities through sessions and workshops.


Venture Café Global Sustainability Challenge 2020
Innovation for Sustainability

Inspired by the UN 2030 Agenda, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Venture Café network allows innovators to gather, be inspired, connect and take action to create a more sustainable world. I think it is the best place. As a Venture Café Global, we set a common theme related to SDGs every month, and plan and operate sessions, workshops and conversation tables to provide an opportunity to discuss innovations for creating a sustainable society.