The Legalization of Marijuana and Innovation

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September 12, 2018 0 comments

According to research conducted by Harris Poll targeting Americans over the age of 21, nine out of ten Americans think medical marijuana should be legalized, and over half of the respondents think the same goes for recreational use as well. The U.S. is currently going through an unprecedented opioid crisis, and the survey revealed that many people believe the legalization of recreational uses of marijuana could contribute to minimizing this issue.

Recreational marijuana usage technically became legal In Massachusetts in July of this year. Some communities have implemented moratoriums pushing off the opening of marijuana-related business in their districts for another year, but there is no doubt that a new industry ripe with possibilities for innovation is beginning to bloom in this state. There is a particular focus on female entrepreneurs leading the way for not only an innovative but more just way to grow the marijuana industry.

Companies like Cannabis Community Care and Research Network (C3RN) are striving to improve the quality and increase the amount of information we have about the cannabis plant. Below are words from CEO Marion McNabb:

“Cannabis research today is underfunded and it takes a long time for academics to conduct studies. Our vision is to create a repository of data, best practices and aid the communication between academia and the cannabis community… Massachusetts could be the number one leading cannabis research state in the world.”

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