Office Hours

起業のアイデアがあるんだけど誰かに相談したい、ビジネスプランを更に昇華させたい等、そんな希望はありませんか?もしあれば、是非Office Hoursをご活用ください。各領域のプロフェッショナルが30分間のセッションで皆さんの相談に乗ります!(無料)Office Hoursは5月10日からの開始となります!(メンタリングはThursday Gatherigの時間帯にて虎ノ門ヒルズカフェにて行います。)


・Office Hoursでのメンタリングを希望の方は、こちらより事前予約をお願いいたします

Venture Café Tokyo is an organization that would love to help you the entrepreneur/innovator grow and take your next step!
We will be providing office hours (free session) from different subject matters, so that you can fine tune your ideas, get advice on your business, or even getting you to think outside of the box! Office hours will start from 5/10. Mentoring will be provided during Thursday Gathering at Toranomon Hills Cafe.

Before applying please consider the following:
Those who wish to be a Mentor in our Office Hour Program please make a a reservation from here
Know what subject matters you would like to consult when making a reservation
After reservations are set there will be a confirmation system in place, but please be aware as our mentors are extremely busy individuals. There are chances or cases where a vacant spot may become unavailable