Tomihisa Kamada

TomyK Representative / Co-Founder ACCESS Co., Ltd.

Completed Doctoral Program in Information Science, Graduate School of Science, the University of Tokyo. Doctor of science. Established ACCESS Inc., a software venture company, in 1984 while studying at the University of Tokyo. Developing the world's first web browser for mobile phones, leading the technological innovation of the mobile Internet. Listed on the TSE Mothers in 2001 and develop business globally. Retired in 2011. After that, we set up TomyK ( to support startup, and support technologies such as IoT, robot, AI, space, genome and medical, including supporting robot venture SCHAFT (acquired by Google Inc.) · We are launching many startups. In the book "Technology Startup Creates the Future - Aim for Tech Entrepreneur" (The University of Tokyo Press), I will preach my entrepreneurial mindset.

"Any big innovation, from a little encounter and conversationIt is starting. I hope that Venture Cafe Tokyo will be such an opportunity. "