Terms and Conditions

[Please see the English Version from here: Venture Café Tokyo Ts and Cs – May 2019 ]

Our philosophy

Venture Café Tokyo's mission is to connect innovators and make something happen. Through an encounter-generating approach, Venture Café Tokyo accelerates and enhances the innovation process in cities around the world. Venture Café Tokyo creates an environment where talent can flourish through generous programs, space, storytelling and a wide range of innovation engagements, discovering and connecting diverse elements of the innovation ecosystem, strengthening partnerships and strengthening urban local communities. Rally.

As part of our mission to connect the innovation community, we strive to create a secure, supportive and constructive environment that creates meaningful connections with conversation.

Terms of service

The items described here are Venture Café Tokyo, located at Toranomon Hills Mori Tower, 1-23 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 (" Venture Café , " we )) Promotes, certifies, or organizes a meeting or event (" Event " ) Venture Café users and visitors (" user )) With respect to the terms and conditions governing the relationship between you and Venture Café (" Terms of service ")is.

These Terms and Conditions apply to Venture Café website , And in addition to these Terms of Service, Here You agree to follow the Venture Café community philosophy, which can be viewed at and posted at most Venture Café events.

  1. "Platinum (platinum) rule. " Do what you want them to do.

Contribute in a positive and informative way. Respect the social norms of conversation and exchange, and when communicating, respect the will of the other person according to the situation. Sincere and direct in all exchanges. Treat people gently with a relaxed feeling. Our atmosphere, friendly and familiar, is reflected in our community.

  1. We will refrain from pushing hard.

You can talk about what you're doing, but don't do business. Instead of marketing your products and services, build meaningful connections. The act that feels like a sales activity is probably a sales activity.

  1. Do not bother others.

Venture Café provides the general public with a space for meetings, collaborative work and sometimes work, and we welcome all of them. Respect these community events and their locations, please clean up your garbage yourself and keep the noise below a reasonable level. Be respectful when using the Venture Café spaces and programs and refrain from annoying interactions, acts or slurs. Please refrain from recording, recording, distributing or broadcasting using any equipment at any event.

  1. Actively participate in our community.

Venture Café is a dynamic organization that grows every day, and the growth is supported by community contributions. Join us and lend a little creativity and power! We are constantly trying new ways to make people more comfortable in this unique community space. We welcome constructive feedback and ideas from our users.

  1. intellectual property(IP).

At Venture Café, respect the intellectual property rights of what you have heard from others and the ideas and materials shared. Participation in events at Venture Café requires legal considerations regarding intellectual property rights, such as copyrights and trademarks, and the ownership of business results of other users and any third parties. Venture Café does not endorse or support infringement of intellectual property rights, and holding any event at Venture Café does not imply any intention to promote, cause or promote any infringement. You use and trust any information, ideas, or materials obtained at Venture Café at your own risk, and Venture Café assumes no liability for such information, ideas, or materials. We do not owe. You agree that any materials provided by Venture Café at an event, including any intellectual property or other property related to such materials, belong to Venture Café.

  1. Connect with others in a responsible manner.

Let's behave with consciousness as a professional or working person. All events should be considered as community gatherings and not booze (even if alcohol is provided). If you do not work at your office, please refrain from doing it at Venture Café. Annoying, harassing or sexual communication is inappropriate. All communication must be appropriate for working people with diverse backgrounds.

  1. Venture CaféA place without harassment.

We are a Venture Café for all users, regardless of gender identity or gender, gender or sexual orientation, disability, appearance, physique, race, color, nationality, age, military service, religion, etc. Is committed to providing a friendly environment free of harassment. We do not tolerate any form of harassment. Respect everyone's background and make sure everyone is comfortable. The following actions are deemed to be unacceptable, both for the event and for any related interactions (including SNS postings, etc.).

  • Violence, intimidation, or rant against others.
  • Gender, racism, homophobia, transgender aversion, disability discrimination, classist or other discriminatory jokes and statements.
  • Posting or presenting sexually explicit content.
  • Insults directed at individuals, particularly those related to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or disability.
  • Improper physical contact. You must get consent before you touch anyone.
  • Unwanted sexual behavior. This includes sexual comments and jokes, inappropriate contact, molestation, and unwanted sexual invitations.
  • Intentional intimidation, stalking, or following (online) / following (actual).
  • Community events, such as talks or presentations, or repeated sabotage indoors.
  • Unpleasant, intimidating or harassing other visitors or participants.
  • Defend or provoke any of the above behaviors.
  1. Photography and recording

You may use Venture Café to pay for the event at Venture Café and its attendees' photos, images, broadcasts, cable TV broadcasts, and audiotapes without paying for the promotion, coverage, or benefit of the event. Use it in any way, unless such use would cause any loss or recommendation to a particular product or service, thereby infringing privacy, advertising rights, or misappropriation. Expressly and irrevocably disclaim all rights in such use, including the right to assert.

  1. Health and safety management

Comply with applicable health and safety rules at event venues and buildings.

Venture CaféRights and protection

We make Venture Café a comfortable and safe place for everyone. In support of Venture Café's mission to enable fruitful dialogue and serve as a community hub, we acknowledge that Venture Café's managers have, at their sole discretion, committed conduct that violates these Terms of Use. Reserves the right to revoke and remove invitations for individuals at. We legally reserve the right to take additional measures for such actions.

You agree that Venture Café (all successors, assigns, and affiliates of Venture Café) and all affiliates (Venture Café Global Institute and ) Will be defended, compensated and harmless.

You are not responsible for any loss you incur at or in connection with an event, including any loss or other consequence of personal injury or death (other than as a result of Venture Café fraud or negligence). No liability shall be held against any successor, assignee, or affiliate of Venture Café (including Venture Café Global Institute and others). In each case, the maximum liability of the Venture Café (including all successors, assigns, and affiliates of the Venture Café, including the Venture Café Global Institute and others) to you is always $ 50 for each claim. Suppose that there is an upper limit.

User protection

It is our crucial goal to ensure that users enjoy the venues, programs and conversations offered by Venture Café. If you feel uncomfortable or afraid or see such a situation, please contact our team immediately. It is our duty to do our best to support our community. If you have any concerns, please let me know at any time-we want to support each of the communities and provide feedback from the community on running Venture Café and continuing to improve our mission and values I rely heavily on it.

See Appendix 1 for information on how to report violations.


These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and Venture Café for your participation in the event and are governed by the laws of the United States of America. Irreversible jurisdiction of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in any event arising out of it.

You acknowledge and agree that the Venture Café parties set forth in "Venture Café Rights and Protection" will be deemed to be the third beneficiary in these Terms of Use.

Separate note1Venture Café TokyoReporting acts that violate the Terms of Service

Here's how to report a violation of the rules and contact staff at Venture Café:

Reporting Terms of Service violations at events 

We recommend that you first contact the organizer of the event. If you feel reluctant to do so, Venture Café staff Speak to this Incident report form Or contact us directly at:

E-mail recommendation template for reporting incidents and harassment

subject: [event name]Violation alert on

Venture CaféReport on incidents and harassment at the event(Name, date of occurrence).

Here is my contact information: (contact information)Thank you.

In the unlikely event that any member of the community acts offensive or violates these Terms of Use, please report it immediately to the Venture Café staff at:

Venture Café Tokyocontact information

this Incident report form Or please report to the following email address.

  • hello@venturecafetokyo.org