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About Rocket Pitch Night

Whether you are about to start your journey as an entrepreneur (new entrepreneur in the company, NPO etc), or if you are already running, you will be better off in the future It is necessary to involve many people such as serious investors, co-founders and employees. (Or maybe that might be the heart of entrepreneurship.)

With that in mind, Rocket Pitch Night, which takes place on September 5, 2019;

  • For the speaker, we will offer the opportunity to ask your business ideas based on the pitch format of 3 minutes & 3 slides, get involved, or simply take the first step towards starting a business.
  • On the day, we will have the opportunity to get feedback and comments from experienced judges and audiences. There is no mistake in boosting your activities.
  • At the same time, the Auditors who came on the day also have the opportunity to meet new ideas and talents that can change the world.

It is hard for one person to change the world. Find friends who will change the world on September 5, 2019 here (Venture Café Tokyo).

■ Rocket Pitch example

Rocket Pitch is a signature event for Babson College that earns No. 1 for 25 consecutive years of entrepreneurship education, with nearly 200 pairs of entrepreneur and entrepreneur reserve forces participating each year. The following is a reference example of what kind of pitch is being performed.

(reference) Rocket Pitch | Babson College

■ Event summary

  • The date and time: Thursday, September 5, 2019 16:00-21:00
  • Place: Toranomon Hills 2F
  • Progress on the day:
    15:30 Opening
    < Social & Education >
    16:00 Action Finance d'Afrique (English)
    16:05 team Remy (Japanese) Providing tips for living in a narrow community of schools and companies
    16:10 AmaneK (Japanese) “AmaneK” is a new art appreciation system that impresses parents and children together and nurtures family ties and children's sensibilities.
    16:15 Genesis (Japanese) e-learning to learn practically about sex education to prevent sexual violence
    16:20 (English) Career ownership & personalized learning
    16:25 REIGETSU (Japanese) Mentoring service for non-university graduates who want to work as freelancers
    16:30 OKAN (Japanese) Mobile app that solves communication gap between parents and children with new UX
    16:35 Kuramae Tech (Japanese)
    16:40 Ando Natsu (Japanese) Curation media specialized in mental health that supports the improvement of depression from information
    <IT / AI / IoT / AR / VR ①>
    17:00 Saito Creation Laboratory Co., Ltd. (Japanese) A human-like soft spherical input device that can create 3D objects intuitively like kneading clay
    17:05 World Life Mapping Inc. (Japanese) Social Networking Service with a focus on life design
    17:10 VLEAP. (Japanese) Next-generation conferencing service using VR
    17:15 Yspace (Japanese) Space VR content development aimed at promoting space development
    17:20 POIMACHI (Japanese)
    17:25 Root (Japanese) Development and deployment of a unique system that can be connected anywhere in Satoyama
    17:30 Thinkalot inc. (Japanese) Quick support for basic planning tasks (search for similar cases from other companies, creation of materials, search for external partners, etc.)
    17:35 neeboor, Inc (Japanese) Location information x SNS to make people's sphere of life and action more fun
    17:40 Streeet (Japanese) Creating a new HR market by visualizing the degree of business contribution of individuals with the ability to attract customers like the face of a store
    <IT / AI / IoT / AR / VR ②>
    18:00 Language Acquisition Project (Japanese) Fun and efficient English learning
    18:05 EAGLYS (English)
    18:10 aoiShip (English) Japan Fashion to the World via Micro-Influencers
    18:15 mySenpai (English) A buddy system to simplify life in japan
    18:20 Traveler Inc. (English) Make solo travel more social, more fun.
    18:25 bajji Inc. (English) SNS for innovators.bajji can visualize trusting relationships using blockchain technology
    18:30 FORGIGS (English) Booking gigs made easy
    18:35 ONGAKU Inc. (English) Sound Organism Platform for people with keen sense of hearing
    18:40 COIN (English) The stock exchange for collectibles
    <Technology / Medical-care, Hearlthcare>
    19:00 Genics (Japanese) Fully automatic toothbrush applying robot technology makes health maintenance easier
    19:05 Cutieroid Project (Japanese) Life-style customizable figure frame based on art xAIx robotics technology
    19:10 valualize (Japanese) C2C service for online personal training. The ideal body for all mankind!
    19:15 OptiWave (Japanese) Concentration improvement training is provided easily and inexpensively using EEG feedback technology
    19:20 HARVESTX (Japanese) Automated robotic strawberry pollination and harvesting
    19:25 Co-LABO MAKER Co., Ltd. (Japanese) Research resource sharing aimed at democratizing R & D. Providing experimental equipment and laboratories.
    19:30 Collabogate (Japanese) Decentralized identity solutions with blockchain
    19:35 Bipolar Diary (Japanese) Smartphone health management app for mental disorder called bipolar disorder
    19:40 Intelligent Assistant (IA) (English) Smart Position Notifier for a Healthy Body.
    <Food / Lifestyle>
    20:00 Reiwaseda (Japanese) Production of audio contents such as radio dramas and platform creation for creators
    20:05 Unlity (Japanese)
    20:10 yohaku (Japanese) I want to create a place where people who are rushing every day can reset their minds. The margin of life.
    20:15 Corner House Kumano Mae (powered by Studio Gross) (English) An Initiative for Community Activism and Bottom-Up Architectural Interventions utilizing Vacant Houses
    20:20 BioSpremi (English) BioSpremi is a machine for the ecological extraction of food (oil) by pressure
    20:25 TBD
    20:30 Dream Drive kk (English) Vanlife in Japan, The hotel on wheels
    20:35 bagus (English) bagus mobile food delivery network @ Tokyo
    20:40 Globe Cleaners (English) The one-stop shop for anyone looking for practical solutions to embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle anywhere in the world
    20:45 Parent-child holiday revolution

■ Judge (in order of the Japanese syllabary)

Dr. Tomy Kamada Tomy K Representative & Co., Ltd. ACCESS Co., Ltd.
Graduated from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Science Information Science Doctoral Program. Doctor of Science.
Established a software venture company ACCESS Co., Ltd. with Toru Arakawa in 1984 while studying at the University of Tokyo. Development of embedded TCP / IP communication software and the world's first web browser for mobile phones. It has led the technological innovation of mobile Internet, such as proposing compact HTML specification "Compact HTML" for mobile phones to W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Listed on the TSE Mothers in 2001 and developed its business globally. Resigned in 2011. After that, he established TomyK to support startups, and supported entrepreneurs of Robot Venture SCHAFT (acquired by Google), and launched a number of technology startups such as robots, AI, IoT, human expansion, space, genome, medical, etc. During. In his book, "Technology Startups Create the Future-Aiming for Tech Entrepreneurs" (The University of Tokyo Press), he explains entrepreneurship.

Kamiya Kamata IncubateFund Associate
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 2016. Engaged in trade management policy work, etc.
Joined the Incubate Fund in 2018. As an associate, I am in charge of value-up work of investee company.
Graduated from Hokkaido University, Faculty of Engineering.

Kazuhiro Shinmura Representative Director, Start-up Leadership Program Japan / Chief Research Member, Japan CFO Association / Senior Member, SFC Research Institute, Keio University
Graduated from Kyoto University's Faculty of Economics, Graduated from Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration (MBA)
Became Japan representative of the Startup Leadership Program from Boston. He has been involved in the management of various industry venture companies so far. (Online English conversation, Adtech, Edtech, Internet Marketing etc.). In 2013, he became Chief Financial Officer of Socket Co., Ltd. In September 2015, the company was integrated into KDDI Group's Syn. Holdings through M & A.
In 2014, he joined the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Public-Private Collaborative Overseas Study Abroad Creation Project Team, and was in charge of designing a training program for students studying abroad. Formulate management strategies, establish business models, and finance-related operations at the founding venture. We also make venture investments as individual investors.

Ayako Manabe Endeavor Japan Managing Director

After working at a US-based strategic consulting firm, he works for the business planning department of a US-based pharmaceutical and medical device company, and carries out projects such as company-wide sales and marketing reforms. Then start up one department at startup. He then joined PwC PRTM (now PwC Strategy &), engaged in consulting and marketing, and since May 2017 he has joined the international NPO Endeavor Japan, one of the world's largest entrepreneur support networks. Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Cornell University

Miyatake Tetsuro DG Incubation Investment Manager
Babson University Graduated. While in school, he experienced internships such as Boston Celtics scouts, marketing at the Lim Kauffman Group, and data analysis at Binos. Joined DG Incubation Co., Ltd. in 2014 and is mainly in charge of Hands-On operations and incubation, engaged in localization and customer success for overseas investment destination services such as Chartbeat. He also operates and mentors a seed accelerator program at Open Network Lab.

More to come!

■ Supporting Partner

■ Supporter (in order of the Japanese syllabary)