Office Hours

起業のアイデアがあるんだけど誰かに相談したい、ビジネスプランを更にブラッシュアップさせたい等、そんな希望はありませんか?もしあれば、是非Office Hoursをご活用ください。各領域のプロフェッショナルが30分間のセッションで皆さんの相談に乗ります!(無料)(メンタリングはThursday Gatheringの時間帯にてオンライン(Zoom)にて行います。)

Before applying please consider the following:

  • If you would like to mentor at Office Hours, Less than Please make a reservation in advance
  • Please be sure to specify what you want to consult with when making an advance reservation
  • After the reservation application, the reservation will be confirmed after confirmation by the mentor. (We will notify you by e-mail.) Please forgive in advance that the reservation may not be confirmed even if the slot is empty due to the mentor's circumstances.