2019.9.12 Article “Why is the innovation hub from Cambridge in the US focused on Japan? (New switch)

2019.8.29 Article "J-Startup Hour # 44 ~" Growth through collaboration between startup and manufacturing industry "~" (Startup Factory construction business)

2019.8.22 Article "J-Startup Hour # 43 ~" Hardware Startup Funding and Investment Situation ~ "(Startup Factory Construction Project)

2019.8.20 Article “First Feature: Amazing Venture 100 2019-Real Estate Majors Venture Support: Battles of the Landlords” (Toyo Keizai)

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2019.6.30 Article "[First installment] Three companies crowdfunding talk plan" (You Me, Kanatta)

2019.6.27 Article "The important thing common to all that has been seen working with both US and Japanese startups and large companies" (Conectando)

2019.6.18 Article "Things of entrepreneurs education No. 1 Babson University Associate Professor Yamakawa talks about three action principles necessary for innovation" (Biz / Zine)

2019.1.29 Lecture "Startup Ecosystem and Intellectual Property Thinking in the Globe" (Global Intellectual Property Strategy Forum 2019)

2019.1.16 Article "Intellectual property behind the drone business spreading in industrial applications" (METI Journal)

2018.12.26 Article "Realization of startups spoken by innovators" (METI Journal)

2018.12.7 Article "Entrepreneur seeking" meaningless encounter ". Innovation · ecosystem concept aimed at by Boston's venture cafe "(Fastgrow)

2018.12.4 Presentation "Technology Oriented Social Problem Solving" (JDI Launch Pad 2018 "Creating Beyond" ~ Forum to Create a Future with Technology ~)

2018.11.8 Article "One Hour with This Person - Feeling Career Exchange Startup" (Electric Newsletter)

2018.10.4 Article "The 3rd" New Tora Sanpo "infiltrates and experiences rumor" Venture Cafe "! "(Aumo)

2018.8.31 Article "Beyond 2020 Night" Report (TEAM 2020) "Where Do Japanese Young People Want to Aim Since 2020"

2018.8.27 News Release "We held a cooperation promotion event between J-Startup company and large company management" (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

2018.8.12 Television broadcast "Startup from the age of 14 ~ Young CEO's magic wand ~ # 29" Summer vacation special edition! Yuuko suddenly attacks the future "」 (BS JAPAN)

2018.8.1 - 8.6 Article "Entrepreneurs consultation cafe (4 times in total)" (Nikkei XTREND)

2018.7.20 Article "The startup representative talks directly to the Minister of Economy and Trade. "Helping large companies to win in the world is necessary" (HIP)

2018.7.11 Article "IT Vehicle Capital in Japan Can Continue Landing in Japan" Incarried Land "Entrepreneurs Can Create" Soil "" (ITmedia Executive)

2018.6.14 Article "Introduction of startup companies, events in Tokyo such as Tsukuba city "(Nihon Keizai Shimbun)

2018.6.11 Article "Innovation does not occur if you make a mistake of failure. Professor Yamakawa's "Failure Studies" Learning "(HIP)

2018.6 Announced "Future Investment Strategy 2018 PR Material (" Society 5.0 "and" Transformation to a Data-Driven Society ") (Cabinet Secretariat)

2018.5.29 Article "HIP Fireside Chat 2018 The Era of Change, What Does the Leader Talk?" (HIP)

2018.5.11 Article "The entrepreneurial support of" entrepreneur support "in Tokyo and Fukuoka is the entity that creates urban vitality" (Toyo Keizai ONLINE)

2018.5.10 Article "The Venture Cafe from Cambridge, USA" Aims for Advancement to Japan "(@ DIME)

2018.5.8 lecture "HIP Fireside Chat 2018" What is the leader's talk of in the era of change? "(HIP)

2018.4.20 Article "Venture · Cafe Tokyo Yamakawa Yasuhiro Representative director Failure tolerance is low Low business startup "(Sankei Biz)

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2018.4.3 Article "Less than 50% reduction in the future?" Structural change real estate giant who is approaching "Office" Wake to start venture support "(Toyo Keizai ONLINE)

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2018.3.23 Article "Entrepreneurship exchange from the east coast of Japan landing campaign venture cafe" (Nihon Keizai Shimbun)

2018.3.20, 21 & 23 Radio appearance "JAM THE WORLD" (J-WAVE)

2018.3.11 Article "Ecology System of Entrepreneurial Business Brought to the Focus of Boston in US Bonus Cafe" Advancing to Tokyo "(Toyo Keizai ONLINE)

2018.3.7 Article "Venture Café Tokyo to launch at Toranomon Hills" (Japan Today)

2018.3.6 Article "Mori Building, Innovation Promotion Program" Venture · Cafe "Initial Expansion in Toranomon Hills to Asia" (Nihon Keizai Shimbun)

2018.3.2 Lecture "Panel Discussion by Overseas Accelerator" (7th Organized by Leave a Nest)