Get Involved

Venture Café Tokyo will be waiting for you at any time to create a new value to change this world! In order to realize a society full of innovation, we can participate in our team in various forms.Contact

For example;

  • Volunteer as Ambassador

    In addition to dedicated management staff, Venture Café Tokyo is looking for volunteer staff called Ambassador. Although the content of the volunteer depends on the event, it is the most attractive thing to get connected with various innovators gathering at Venture Café Tokyo, to create this innovation community with a feeling of the site.

  • Support entrepreneurs as Mentor

    For entrepreneurs to succeed, the presence of a mentor is essential. Please share your passion to support your innovation · insight and entrepreneurs.

  • Perform events at Venture Café Tokyo as Event Organizer

    Venture Café Tokyo wants to hear if you are waiting for a wonderful event idea (and its planned execution). If you are interested in event host at Venture Café Tokyo, please let us know by contact form first.

  • Exhibiting the Demo (Info) Table as an entrepreneur

    For entrepreneurs, I would like to know the market reaction to developed products / services at any time. Or, to support the growing organization, it is essential to raise awareness of the organization. If you are interested in exhibiting at Venture Café Tokyo, please let us know.

  • Support as Sponsor

    Thursday Gathering is the best opportunity to shape your passion for supporting innovation. Your support, including sponsorship by goods, will accelerate innovation.

If you are interested in any of the above,please contact from here!