The Toranomon area has made a major move towards urban regeneration, with the launch of the “Toranomon Hills” in June 2014 as the catalyst. Right now, urban development is in progress with the aim of becoming an international new city center, a global business center where global players live, work and gather. In addition, urban development is under way throughout the city of Tokyo. In "CREATE! THE INNOVATORS 'HABITAT", we will be involved in a city that will periodically innovate in a week or two as a guide to what will be required to make it a city that will generate new business and innovation By conducting sessions, we aim to gain a better understanding of current issues and future possibilities, and a community that will lead to realization.

Session plan

The first March 28 (Thu) 19:00-20:00
"kick off:How do you create a city where innovators are active? "
・申 梨奈(しん りな) アンカースター株式会社 Area Activation
・ Nagano Yu (crew) Ltd. creww Corporation Startup Community Team Community Manager
Takuo Urushihara Venture Cafe Tokyo Operations Director
Hiroki Naka Mori Building Co., Ltd. Town Management Division Toranomon Hills Area Management Group (Moderator)