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captains-of-innovation_new-logo_squareCaptains of Innovation is an annual membership program that connects talent and ideas for the future to companies and accelerates enterprise innovation. we,We will support the development and commercialization of ideas, products, and services through the provision of highly customized programs, as well as the connection of companies to start-ups, entrepreneurs, innovation leaders. Corporate partners can find new technologies and business models and deepen their understanding of new technologies and market trends leading to destructive change in the industry. .

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The world is constantly changing. Creative destruction and innovation shortens the life span of companies and requests changes for every element of the company such as strategy, organization structure, leadership. Advanced companies know that great ideas do not necessarily come from within the company - that is, companies need to constantly identify new creative destruction opportunities. Startup is a wonderful source of creative destruction, but for companies it is often difficult for high quality collaboration with them. Based on the knowledge we cultivated so far, we can bridge that.


Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 1.53.40 PMCaptains of Innovation emphasizes solid partnerships formed through people and people. Through the program, companies can find and understand destructive or transformational technology market transcending across geography and fields. We will support this by combining the leaders of each field called Captain and forming a team. This Captain's network will consider matching the start-up of corporations or requests for collaboration with new technologies, and will proceed with matching. Captain will be selected according to specific content of individual program, company needs.


Based on the goal of innovation of each company, we decide what to support. Companies can choose from our provided menu list or create new offering menu based on request;

  • Innovation · Sprint:We support the development of products and services from discovering opportunities to development and commercialization (market introduction)
  • Matching with startup:Identify the three innovation areas, set strategy goals, and match up with the startup related to that goal
  • Innovation · ecosystem / trend mapping:We will investigate the ecology of the target city and new trends in specific fields and create a roadmap for it
  • Industry Pulse (Early User):We will explore users who can provide insights on specific industries and markets
  • Industry Pulse (expert) : We will do ideasons with start-ups, academics, companies and experts from the investor community
  • Conference / Panel:We will hold a half day or day event involving innovation communities in specific areas
  • Presentation and startup dialogue:We will present presentations on the ecosystem of the target city for up to 40 corporate guests. We also set up a meeting with four relationship startups
  • Innovation · Community launch:We will organize events to introduce companies to the innovation community
  • Ecosystem Tour:We will make opportunities and tours with the industry leaders of the innovation and ecosystem of the target city
  • Executive visit:We set up 1: 1 meeting with 4 startups or key innovation · ecosystem · player


Captains of InnovationVenture Cafe Global InstituteProgram,Cambridge Innovation CenterIt is operated under a partnership with.

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