Boston Innovation Tour

CIC Japan Desk presents"Boston Innovation Tour"
Knowing the Boston Innovation ecosystem,
Three days to form a network leading to practice
【All Japanese available】

 Tour content 

  • Visit the world's top universities (such as MIT), incubation facilities, start-up companies, start-ups, and accelerators
  • Start-up, large enterprise, government agency, venture capital, start-up organization, Tim Rowe, the founder of the CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center), a co-working space where research institutes gather, and listening directly to the stories of those who work at Boston, the most noteworthy accelerator, VC Touch the cutting edge of innovation
  • It is absolutely impossible to realize in personal travel and package tours, plus you can experience all of the above in Japanese through support of CIC Japan Desk

 "Why, Boston?" 

  • Biotech · life science is particularly excellent
  • The world's highest peak research institution / university collection area
  • In the competitiveness analysis of 25 cities in the United States "Innovation That Matters"Boston was ranked # 1 as the city that is enhancing its competitiveness, passing Beijing San Francisco Bay Area (Bay Area).Boston ranks first for 2017 and 2017 for 2 consecutive years
  • About the Silicon Valley "Entrepreneurs' voice that competition is fierce and it is very difficult to succeed" and that the partnership with universities and communities has not been successful
  • Boston has earned the highest rating in collaboration with universities and research institutes, and also highly valued in QOL (Quality of Life)

 What is CIC 

  • "There is a power to develop society dramatically in startup.It can further promote its growth by connecting entrepreneurs." Based on this vision, the Cambridge Innovation Center (founded in 1999 CIC). Since its founding, we have provided activities to more than 4,000 companies, including start-ups and venture capital including Android (later acquired by Google). Currently CIC operates the world's largest founding support facility, and venture capital based in CIC headquarters in Massachusetts operates more than $ 7 billion in funding. CIC has a vision of connecting innovation and communities all over the world, and it develops to innovation advanced city of each country. (

 3 day schedule  

First day "The Innovation Ecosystem"
· Introduction of Boston Ecosystem by CIC founder
Lecture by venture capital investing in industrial technology venture
· Visit to university incubator facility
the 2nd day "Making Innovation Possible"
· Visit the world's largest incubator, exchange opinions with member companies, graduates
· Visited a shared lab space specialized for Biotech venture, interview with tenants
· Participate in networking events to gather more than 400 participants per week
Day 3 "The Future of Corporate Innovation"
· Visit successful open innovation cases and exchange views with representatives
· Innovation workshop for large enterprises
· Introduction of cooperation method with university institutions such as MIT

※ Since the tour will be local gathering and local dissolution, the itinerary before and after the tour can be scheduled flexibly.

Beyond "knowing" the ecosystem, "connecting" with the ecosystem.
Why do not you spend three days like that?

Visit abroad. Although many meaningful opportunities have been organized so far, the voices frequently asked by participants "I could accomplish the purpose of inspection, but I can connect with local communities through various walls such as language and culture It is hard to say that ". On the other hand, the response from the site "What did they come for?"
Based on such a background, we planned a tour that will create a network that will live up to the practice beyond "knowing" the Boston ecosystem. On the tour, Boston-based CIC Japan Desk staff will strongly support you. This project is a CIC / Venture Café that is closely related to Japan and is a tour that can be said. Come and join us!
Let's connect with Boston's innovation ecosystem!

Schedule: November 7 - November 9 (3 days)
Capacity: 15 people
Participation fee: $ 3,500 (without tax)
Included: Movement fee during the tour · Lunch 3 times & Dinner 3 times · Local visit events & dialogue
Tour organizer: CIC, HIS
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Application deadline: October 12
** In the case of a large number of applicants, we will make a lottery